Will They Fit My Nespresso Machine ?


The smart alternative to the Nespresso® Capsule system 

Coffee Sense Compatible coffee capsules provides you with an alternative supply of capsules for Nespresso® type espresso machines that use the aluminium cartridge system.



Is the capsule safe to use in my machine?

Yes the capsule will fit exactly and give you the same results that you have come to expect from your Nespresso® capsules


what is the capsule made of?

The capsule is made from medical grade polypropylene and is safe for food stuffs; we manufacture the capsules in a FDA approved environment.


Can I use the capsule more than once?

No it is essentially the same as your original Nespresso® cartridge, single use only


Can I damage my machine by using the Café-caps Cartridge?

No, the cartridge will not damage the machine, much the same as if you refill the cartridge or buy a generic cartridge for your printer, it basically works the same! There is No way to know what cartridge was used.