kenya AA - Senseo Coffee pods
Kenyan AA Coffee Pods for Philips Senseo Coffee Machines
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Kenyan AA - Senseo®

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Kenyan AA Coffee Pods

for Senseo® Coffee Machine

Nearing the top of list of the world's finest Arabica coffees is Kenya AA . What is the AA you wonder?

The Coffee Board of Kenya realizes the quality of coffee they are capable of making and they have strict guidelines in place to grow the best beans possible. The AA denotes the size, shape and density of the bean.

 The grading scale from largest to smallest is AA, AB, PB, C, E, TT and T. It is a well-known fact that the largest, AA , bean is going to produce more of the treasured oils that give your coffee the fabulous aroma and intense flavour.

 This medium roasted gourmet coffee assures a sharp acidity, a  solid body and smooth winy penetrating flavour with an intense aroma.

What does this mean? It refers to the fruit acid taste structure of the typical Kenya AA coffee. Now most people, when they hear the word acid, take it as a negative. In this context it is not. But perhaps the words dry, and crisp would be more compelling. So we will use them. And let's not forget fruit, like a first growth Bordeaux or a great Cabernet from Napa Valley. So at the end of the day, Kenya coffee is best known for its berry like and frequently blueberry and black current taste.



Packed 50 fresh and flavourful individually wrapped coffee pods per Pack 50x8g