About Coffee Pods

What is a coffee pod ?

Coffee pods are freshly roasted coffee, ground perfect, tampered to the correct pressure and then encapsulated in a paper. Pods are made to a standard size of 44mm with 6.8g - 7.0g of coffee per pod, as well as the 62mm coffee pod with 9g of coffee used in the Phillips Senseo coffee maker. The original pod was designed by Illy caffe over 12 years ago, in 1996 Illy opened its idea to the coffee industry to bring a standard pod size to the market. Many machine companies now offer adaptors with their machines to accept pods. By using pods in your machine not only can you guarantee perfect results, there is no mess and pods help to look after your machine. In fact used pods can even be used as fertiliser for your garden !

Also know as coffee pads, coffee pod or espresso pod, pods are a simple way to make perfect espresso and with excellent results. By replacing the filter plate in the portafilter/group handle, most traditional machines can use easypods, no need to tamper, no stale packets left open and no need for a separate grinder. Our coffee pods are individually packed in laminated bags to preserve the fresh flavour and aroma.

There are many sizes of coffee pods now available, but mainly the two sizes are now used by most coffee machines. The 44mm pod mainly in espresso pump machines and the 62mm pod used in philips senseo and black & decker home cafe, as well as other makes. We also produce a 55mm pod which contains double the amount of coffee to make 2 shot of espresso in one brew.

Pod Adaptors

Many new espresso machines can now accept the 44mm pods, a consortium of the leading manufactures have come together known as the ESE format. By chosing a machine with this logo you are assured that any ESE or 44mm pod will work perfectly in your machine. For older machines we have exclusively designed pod adaptor filter that easily convert your machine to use 44mm pods. We also have am adaptor for the Uno Uno coffee maker.

Making great espresso

Espresso is an art, there are many ways of getting it wrong ! The grind, the measurement, freshness, the roast, tampering, temperature, water pressure.... the list goes on. Some people judge an espresso by the crema, some by the flavour, acidity and liqueur. By using coffee pods you get it right first time every time.

Single Serve Coffee

The pod market has expanded rapidly of the past years, with low pressure single serve coffee machines. Philips senseo, Black & Decker Home Cafe, Melitta One:One / Russell Hobbs Uno:Uno offer great e

Using Coffee Pods

Using coffeepods.co.uk  you not only have a choice of 14 blends and more to be added. We have selected the finest choice of coffees, expertly roasted in Europe, home of the espresso. Our traditional Italian espresso or why not try our delicious roasted hazelnut ! We have also selected some machines that use pods or we offer filter adaptors if you would like your machine to use pods.