Coffee Sense Coffee Pods

About Coffee Sense


Why Coffee Sense are just about the Best Senseo Coffee Pods Available





  Coffee Sense coffee pods are individually engineered with the precise roast level, grind setting,

 blending and dosage to achieve the best tasting pods.


    In addition, Coffee Sense pods are the only coffee pods on the market to use  patented convection roasting system.


Starting with only the finest quality Arabica coffee beans, they are roasted using hot air for a consistent, even roast

throughout the entire bean.


While traditional drum roasting can overcook the outside of the bean and under cook the inside, our beans are evenly roasted for a smoother, richer taste.


A breakthrough in quality single-cup coffee! Coffee Sense coffee pods are the solution to your single cup coffee needs - combining quality taste with the ease and convenience of a single cup!

The gourmet selection offers the perfect coffees - light roasts, exotic estate coffees, flavored, and decaffeinated.




Coffee Sense coffee pods are compatible with the following single-cup brewers :-

AquaBrew® Cafejo, Black & Decker® Home Cafe, Bunn® My Cafe, Grindmaster® PrecisionBrew, Mr.Coffee® Home Cafe, Newco® FreshKup, Philips® Senseo, Refyne® PrecisionBrew.  


 About the coffee and pods:

Quality Coffees Start with Quality Beans

To achieve the high quality taste we demand in a cup of coffee, you need to start with the highest quality coffee beans available.

Our coffee experts travel the globe looking for the finest beans and fostering relationships directly with growers. The coffee tree is ever changing and often at the will of Mother Nature.

This demands the strictest attention to quality with every bag that comes through our door. Our high quality standards follow each bean from the moment it comes to our dock.

 From roasting to packaging, we build on our foundation of quality to ensure each and every roasted product that goes out the front door is unparalleled in taste.

Not all coffee is good coffee, so our quality control team cups coffees daily to ensure a consistent and high quality supply.We offer a wide range of coffees and blends.

Light to dark roasts, flavoured coffees and decafs are just the beginning.


In Convection Roasted

100% Arabica coffees from premier growing regions around the globe are roasted in small batches on Coffee Merchants Ltd patented convection roasting system. This unique method ensures an even roast throughout the bean resulting in a smooth and consistent flavour in every cup. Individually Wrapped
Each pod is individually wrapped to ensure maximum freshness. Pods maintain their shape for perfect brewing.
A dark-roast lovers dream French Roast is a unique blend of Arabica coffees taken to a rich, dark roast makes this bold yet smooth cup. A great single-cup to start your day off or to enjoy as an after dinner treat.
Can be used in the following brands of pod coffee machines

  • Simplehuman Pod Brewer
  • Bunn My Cafe
  • Tefal Supremia Coffee Maker.
  • Black & Decker
  • Philips Senseo
  • Grindmaster Refyne