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Dolce Vita Coffee Beans

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dolce vita coffee

Dolce Vita

Espresso Coffee Beans


Combining just sweet Brazilian coffee beans 

A honey-smooth medium roast animated by bold undertones, Our Dolce Vita Bean livens up espresso drinks with its creamy, distinct kick. Perfect for lattes and mochas, Dolce Vita owes its rich flavour profile to the Coffee Merchants Air Roast System. This advanced system unlocks the full flavour of premium Arabica beans, giving them a consistently rich, caramelized taste.

A Creamy Medium Roast with Delicate Boldness.

If you are a lover of classically balanced medium-roast espresso, but crave some added boldness? Espresso made from Dolce Vita coffee beans is sure to hit the spot.

  • Bean: 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Grade: Speciality (The Top Grade)
  • Weight: 1 kilo or 142 shots of espresso
  • Roast: Medium Roast
  • Packaging: Foil pouch,with one-way valve to preserve freshness.

Packed 1 x 1kg OR 6 x 1kg bag


Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans 1kg

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Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans

Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans

Medium Roast


Colombian Supremo 100% Arabica

Roasted Whole Coffee Beans

A Unique Coffee Experience

Artisan Roasted Coffee, roasted by hand to ensure that you get the best possible taste and flavour from your coffee

A true Italian classic, perfect high quality Colombian Supremo Arabica  coffee  beans. Good crema and smooth taste, Ideal for regular coffees, cappuccinos and lattes

This coffee consists of Coffee from Central America  and roasted to perfection by skilled coffee roasters

Cupping Notes

Fruit notes, chocolate, medium body, clean finish, balanced, bright acidity, caramel notes, nice after taste, smooth

We have packed the coffee beans in 1kg packs, so that the coffee stays fresh. 

Freshly Roasted  for at least 11 month BBF date

Weight:  1 kilo or 142 shots of espresso

Roast:    Medium

Packaging: Foil pouch,with one-way valve to preserve freshness

Pack 1 x 1kg OR 6 x 1kg