Guatemalan Premium Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules
Premium Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Guatemalan Nespesso Compatible Coffee Capsules Box of 50

Coffee Sense
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Box of 50 Capsules 6/10

Coffee Sense is pleased to offer a great coffee from the well-known coffee producing Zelaya family in the famous Antigua region (coffees grown in the Antigua Valley area surrounded by three volcanoes - Agua, Acatenango and Fuego).

Santa Clara, located in the southern slopes of the Antigua Valley between 1550-1800 meters above sea level, is privileged to have some of the finest volcanic soils for the cultivation of speciality coffee.So what can you expect from Guatemalan Santa Clara?

And now not just for our coffee bean, or ESE coffee pod customers, but available packed in Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules, just what more could you ask for?

A big beautiful, creamy,  juicy mouthful and a lovely deep ripe sweetness, flavour notes overflowing with fruit notes such as peaches, apple cider, plums and apricots with a lovely long sweet finish,  with flavours of butter and well balanced chocolaty malt/spicy acidity.

This is such a fantastic espresso coffee, or Americana

Roastmasters notes:

Medium Roast; 3/5

Full Body; 4/5

Acidity; 3/5

Strength; 6/10

Extraction 25/30ml

Box of 50 Compatible Capsules