Somerset Premium Lavazza A Modo Mio Compatible Coffee Capsules 50
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Somerset Lavazza A Modo Mio Compatible Capsules 50

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Box of 50 Capsules

Somerset Roast

Now available Compatible Lavazza® A Modo Mio* Coffee Capsules

We set our coffee roaster a challenge, to develop a new coffee blend that would bring out the best characteristics s of Costa Rican coffee beans that are 'Strictly High Grown' but with a bit of extra body.


Well Somerset Roast is the result of him slaving over a hot roaster for weeks, and cupping 10’s of different samples, and this fantastic 100% Arabica coffee is the result.

This coffee has the classic flavour and Acidity of Costa Rican SHB beans which are generally believe to have some of the best coffee flavour profiles in south/central America, with high grown altitudes and a pleasant acidity. Its defining flavour profile includes a brown-sugary sweetness, citrusy notes and apricot-like fruity flavours, but by adding in Colombian, Brazilian, and a small amount of Old Brown Java the result is a coffee that is also smooth, and has a medium Body, 100% Arabica coffee just right for drinking almost any time of the day or night

Now available in Lavazza®  A Modo Mio* Compatible Coffee Capsules

Strength 8/10

Box of 50 capsules

Extraction 25/40 ml